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Information about dash kits and the installation process.

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Caution: Avoid any direct skin contact with chemicals while performing this dash kit installation.

A dash kit can be a great modification that will give that added appeal to the interior of any vehicle. However, proper procedures must be taken to ensure proper fitment of a dash kit. The installation process of the interior dash trim will vary depending on the type of dash kit and the manufacturer; below are a few tips, guidelines, and steps that can be taken that can be used for most installations.

To ensure proper fitment, there are a few precautions and steps you can take before and during the installation of the dash trim kit. First and foremost, make sure that all of the pieces came with the kit, and that each piece will fit correctly in the interior of the vehicle. Also, check to see if any of the parts were damaged or lost during shipment. If this has occurred, immediately stop the installation, and contact the manufacturer before continuing any further.

Furthermore, check to make sure that the following materials are available before beginning the installation:

– Rubber gloves
– Alcohol swabs
– Adhesion promoter
– Hair dryer or heat gun

Once you have determined the pieces fit, the actual installation process can began. Most likely, you will have received some form of alcohol cleaner and/or pads; this can be used to clean the interior surfaces of the dash and trim pieces to allow the adhesive on the new dash kit to adhere. If there is any type of liquid protectant such as Armor All, make sure to remove all of the protectant so the new dash kit can adhere properly to the surface. If it seems as if it is slippery or has an oily feel, continue cleaning until a dry, rough texture has been achieved.

After cleaning, the adhesion promoter can be applied to the surface of the dash panel trim of your interior. Make sure to only apply the adhesive bond to all the areas where you will be installing the trim piece overlay that came with your kit, and not on the actual dash trim pieces. The adhesive should dry after approximately 1-5 minutes depending on the dash kit manufacturer.

If working in temperatures below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it is highly recommended that a heat gun is used first to make the dash trim pieces flexible, and pliable. To install the pieces of the kit, start first with a smaller piece, and partially remove the tape backing on the trim piece. Than carefully align the trim, and peel of the backing of the tape, while holding the trim in the proper position. After, firmly stick the dash trim onto the surface. Repeat this process for all of the dash kit pieces, and the installation has been complete. For a finished look, clean any fingerprints or extra adhesive from the front of the dash pieces using a clean, soft cloth. Now, just sit back and enjoy your appealing, new interior!

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