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This article describes various products used to increase gas mileage in your automobile.

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With the steady increase in gasoline prices, everybody is looking for a way to save money at the pump. Some will drive miles out of their way to save 3 cents on the gallon–about a 1% savings for today’s prices. Still others try to walk, bike, or take public transportation more–but that isn’t an option for everybody. So, people are looking at increasing gas mileage products as a means of saving money.
What are some of the increasing gas mileage products and how can you use them? Some of the products are air filters that go into the car’s air flow system to make your engine work more efficiently. Some popular products are the Fuel Genie and the Tornado Fuel Saver. These increasing gas mileage products claim to work by improving the air circulation in the engine and thereby making a better fuel air mixture. Their up to 28% savings in gas is backed by a 120 day money back guarantee.
Other fuel saving products are chemicals that go right into the engine’s fuel tank. Some products work by cleaning the fuel system and others work by altering the fuel’s chemical mixture. STP, for example, has a complete line of engine cleaning systems to clean and maintain the engine. These products prevent deposits from building up on the fuel injectors, carburetors, and combustion chambers, thus increasing efficiency and cutting back on loss of power. Some products, such as GTA Fuel Enhancer, alter the fuel in order to make the fuel burn more efficiently. Whatever the reasoning behind the different products, their main goal is the same: to burn fuel more efficiently to save money, and incidentally, reduce emissions and pollution.
These products are easy to use. Simply add the increasing gas mileage products into your tank before you fill it up. If using on consecutive tanks, of gas, just make sure to run the tank almost to empty, as the products are designed for a specific number of gallons of gasoline. Many of the additives require 1 or more fuel tank fill ups to reach their maximum potential, though you could start seeing payback in fuel costs immediately.
So, the next time you’re at the auto parts store, consider picking up some increasing gas mileage products. They’re easy to use, many will also help you prevent excessive pollution from chemical waste, and they could pay for themselves in gas money!

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