Title: Protect Your Wheels From An Insidious Fiend!

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Your car’s wheels has an enemy that cannot be easily vanquished. This aftermarket part, however, does the trick and for chump change too.

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A few years back, a friend of mine brought over his newly purchased and ?gently used? 325i to my home. I was nearly as excited for him as he was for himself as this was the car that he had always wanted. A recent promotion and raise at work meant he could ditch his LeSabre for something a bit more classier and a bit more expensive. As he rolled into my driveway I gave the car a good ?once over? before my eyes rested on his front left wheel. While the rest of his car looked showroom new, his front wheels were absolutely filthy. So, what was the culprit that messed up my friend?s wheels? Please read on to find out all the sordid details!

Brake dust. Yes, something as simple as dust from the 325i?s brakes messed up my friend John?s wheels. I handed him a sponge and a towel with some lukewarm water and he immediately began to touch up the alloy wheels and tires. Unfortunately, this was only a temporary fix as a few days later his wheels were messed up again. By that time, however, he had already ordered a set of brake dust shields to take care of the problem. Honestly, I never knew such a product existed until he told me about it.

When John?s brake dust shields arrived, I helped him install them and was impressed how easy they went on his car. Brake dust shields are fitted right into the wheel, kind of like an internal hubcap. Each shield is a one piece unit that fits into place without any sort of special tool needed. John?s shields were sized just right for his wheels [order by wheel size to make sure] and his car no longer looks dirty. Best of all, his remaining warranty is not voided with this highly functional aftermarket part.

Another thing I learned about brake dust is that besides looking bad, brake dust can eat away at alloy rims. You can?t use harsh chemicals on your rims to remove the dust nor should you use a high powered spray. Instead, brake shields [or brake dust covers as some people call them] take away the problem altogether leaving your wheels looking great at all times. Brake dust shields are vented too to allow your brakes to cool down.

Brake dust shields are available through select auto parts stores including the Auto Parts Warehouse?s always open online store.

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